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We offer full-service exterior and interior painting in the greater Metro Milwaukee area. MDL has experienced crews that provide top of the line service and timely completion. No subcontracting, you deal directly with MDL and our crews. We offer very competitive pricing and free estimates (no matter the size). We use top of the line Sherwin Williams products. Our quotes include labor, paint, and materials and are always a flat rate. We offer a two year warranty and are also fully bonded and insured. We look forward to working with you.

Our Exterior Painting Process


Our painting process begins with a thorough power wash of all surfaces to be painted. We use green friendly mildewcide to clean any mold and mildew from the surface. We use a 45 degree fan setting and we do not power wash with the intent to remove peeling paint as to avoid compromising the surfaces beneath.

Prep Work

Following power washing and a week-long drying period, prep work begins. All cracked, loose, and missing caulking is removed and replaced. All loose and peeling paint is hand scraped with carbide scrapers and sanded to remove inconsistencies. All window sashes needing glaze are re-glazed, and all rotted or missing wood is either removed and replaced, or puttied with 3M Bondo wood filler. Following these steps, surfaces are primed using top-of-the-line Sherwin Williams products.

Finish Coat

Following our prep and priming process, MDL applies Sherwin Williams paints or stains compatible with the substrate being painted. A combination of spray application, and brush/roll application is used to ensure an even, long-lasting coat of paint. For wood substrate we use a variety of nap length roller covers to ensure the product is pushed into the surface and then brush the product out for evenness. On smooth finish surfaces (ie. aluminum, hardie-board, doors) we use fine-finish spray application to avoid inconsistencies and visible streaking in the finish coat

Ensuring Quality and Satisfaction

100% satisfaction is our goal. At the end of every day we take our customers on a walk-around inspection to keep them updated on the progress of their home. This gives us a chance to ensure all expectations are being met and gives our customers a chance to let us know about any concerns they may have; concerns are handled immediately. Similarly, a thorough clean-up is completed daily: brushing back mulch, vacuuming paint chips, and a tidy stowing and full clean-up of supplies.

A high level of communication with you helps us deliver the results you are looking for.

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